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Call for Proposals of 2024

The Chern Institute of Mathematics

(January 12, 2023)

The Chern Institute of Mathematics (CIM) invites applications for support of conferences, workshops, seminars and related activities in the mathematical sciences, to occur during January 1st to December 31st of 2024.

I  Procedures

Proposals for activities during this period should be submitted to CIM
before March 31st of 2023. Proposals for international conferences should be submitted to CIM in order to get the approval from higher authorities timely. An informal discussion with the director or the scientific committee members of CIM before the formal submission is recommended if possible. After examination by scientific committee members of CIM, the decision on applications will be made by CIM and will be announced before September 30th of 2023.

Every proposal should include the following seven sections:
  1. Title of the conference.
  2. Proposed dates.
  3. Organizing Committee and Scientific Committee (names, affiliations, complete contact information). Identify the primary contact organizers. At least one of the primary organizers should come from the Nankai University.
  4. Summary of scientific and other objectives (within 200 words) which may appear in public announcements.
  5. Other details of the scientific objectives, including
   -intended audience, provision for students
   -a brief history or background of the proposed topic
   -recent progress
   -possible future directions
  6.Tentative list of invited speakers, and estimate on the total number of participants.
  7. Possible funding and Supports from sources other than CIM.   

II  Principles and Policies

1. In order to provide better services and ensure the effect of the conferences, it is better that the total number of the participants for each conference is about 30 to 60 in general. Any conference planning to have more participants should get special permission from CIM.

2. The conferences should focus on mathematical and related themes. Irrelevant activities, such as commercial profiting activities are not allowed.

3. The styles of conferences include Conference, Symposium, Seminar/Workshop etc, special encouragement is for smaller sized workshops on a certain specific topic. Conference forms: offline conference, online and offline combined conference, online conference, Chern Institute does not provide conference Lecture fee.

4. Once being approved, the proposal should not be changed in general. Any alterations on the size or time of the program should be reported and permitted by CIM.

5. Please check the website of CIM for existing activities to be hold at CIM during the period of January 1st to December 31st of 2024 to avoid possible conflicts.

6. Once the application is approved, CIM will provide free lodging and meals for all organizing committee members, scientific committee members, invited speakers and the registered participants, as well as free conference and lecture rooms and related facilities during the conference.

7. A summarizing report should be submitted to CIM within 15 days after the conference by the organizers.

8. Due to the impact of the global CoviD-19 epidemic, the future situation and policies cannot be predicted accurately, so the offline conference may be postponed and adjusted accordingly according to the epidemic prevention and control situation and policies.

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