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Visiting Scholars Program

Chern Institute of Mathematics (CIM) has been following the guideline “based at Nankai, serving the country, and embracing the world” since its foundation. In May 2005, according to its status of development, the institute officially launched the CIM Visiting Scholars Program to promote the communication and cooperation on mathematical research, and to provide good work condition and services to mathematicians at home and abroad. Each year the mathematical science researchers in Nankai University can invite a set number of scholars to come and visit, in order to motivate the mathematical research and to push forward the development of mathematics through communicating with mathematicians in different research fields and from different countries and regions. Every year a set number of spots in the program will be specially reserved for mathematical scholars from China's central and western regions as well as some less developed regions to support their research and study in Nankai University. The Visiting Scholars Program currently is in steady progress with the annual number of visiting scholars from China and other countries increasing to more than 100 in recent years. 

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