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Founded in 1985, the Chern Institute of Mathematics (CIM) was led by Professor Shiing-Shen Chern, the first director of the Institute until 1992 appointed by the Ministry of Education of China. The Theoretical Physics Division of the Institute was founded in 1986 by the Nobel Prize laureate Chen-Ning Yang.
CIM is an open research institute. Its goal is to push forward the development of pure and a...

[Seminars] Prof.Fei Xu: Layer and Group Representation on Finite Ei Categories
Time: 16:00, May 14, 2021Place: Room 216, Shiing-Shen Building Abstract.pdf Poste... 【Read More】

[Seminars] Dr.Tian Xu: Nonlinear Dirac equations and surfaces of prescribed mean curvatu...
Time: 10:00 May 13, 2021 Place: Tencent Conference Abstract.pdf Poster.jp 【Read More】

[Seminars] Dr.Wenshuai Jiang: Recent Progress of Gromov-Hausdorff limit spaces and some ...
Time: 10:00 April 30, 2021 Place: Tencent Conference Abstract.pdf Poster.jpg 【Read More】

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