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Regulations on Office Safety Management
2020-01-07 11:20

Welcome to study at Chern Institute of Mathematics!

We have prepared an office for your study, which is equipped with central air-conditioning, computer and office furniture. Please do not occupy the classrooms for self-study.

Please take good care of the public property in the office and avoid unnecessary damage. In order to prevent fire accident, please power off the computer and other equipment when leaving the office. Please do not modify the computer system, and do not download games or non-work related contents on your computer.

Smoking is prohibited in the office. Please maintain the cleanliness of the office, and pay attention to the safety, fire prevention and theft prevention. When leaving the office, please lock the doors and windows, bring valuables and cash with you. If there are any risk factors, please call 23509144 or 23509472 to contact us.

Please pay attention to the opening time of the building. After it closed at night, no one should stay in the building for any reason. Those who break the rules by staying late or overnight in the building will be notified and criticized by CIM.

When you meet visitors in the office, please do not disturb other people’s learning and working. Please keep the office card securely and do not lend it to others, otherwise, you shall bear all the legal and financial responsibilities arising therefrom.

The voltage of the building is 220V. It is strictly forbidden to use any electric heating equipment in the office, and the user shall be responsible for any losses and bear all the legal and financial responsibilities arising therefrom.

If you have any questions during your study, please call 23501029, 23508228, 23501879 or 23509441 to contact us. For computer problems, please call 23506821 for help and advice.


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