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· Prof. Jianyu Chen: On Coupling Lemma and Stochastic Properties with Unbounded... [2022-12-10] 
· Prof. Henri Berestycki: Introduction to Dynamics of Reaction-Diffusion Equati... [2022-12-07] 
· Prof. Rui Huang: ​Traveling waves for degenerate diffusion equations [2022-12-02] 
· Prof. Xinfu Chen: Well-posedness of Kimura Equation in Genetic Drift [2022-12-02] 
· Dr. Benniao Li: Non-degeneracy of solutions for critical elliptic problems an... [2022-11-23] 

· Prof. Xiangyong Zeng: Binary sequences with length n and nonlinear complexity... [2022-11-19] 
· Prof. Dabin Zheng: Strict Half-Singleton Bound, Strict Direct Upper Bound for... [2022-11-19] 
· Prof. Wei Cheng: From weak KAM theory to optimal transportation: the abstract... [2022-11-15] 
· Prof. Xiaohu Tang: Adaptive gradient coding for distributed machine learning [2022-11-08] 
· Prof. Zhengchun Zhou: Some new classes of sequence codes [2022-11-08] 

· Dr. Yunfeng Shi: The quantitative Green's function estimates for quasi-period... [2022-11-04] 
· Prof. Xiang Yu: Finiteness of Stationary Configurations of the Planar Four-vo... [2022-10-31] 
· Dr. Can Xiang: Some shortened codes from binary cyclic codes with three zeros [2022-10-25] 
· Prof. Qunying Liao: The error-correcting pair for both MDS codes and TGRS cod... [2022-10-25] 
· Prof. Youquan Li: Manipulation of Skyrmions and the Promising Applications [2022-10-25] 
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