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Yim​ing Long
2018-06-29 00:00



Yiming Long was born in October 1948 in Chongqing. He is a professor at the Chern Institute of Mathematics. He received his master's degree from Nankai University in 1981. He received his Ph.D from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1987. In 2007, he was elected as a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences. In 2008, he was elected as a Fellow of The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS). He once served as the president of the Tianjin Mathematical Society, vice president of the Tianjin Science and Technology Association, vice president of the Chinese Mathematical Society, member of the Executive Committee of the International Mathematical Union, and dean of the School of Mathematical Sciences of Nankai University, as well as the director of Chern Institute of Mathematics from January 2008 to July 2012.

He is mainly engaged in the research of Hamiltonian dynamics, variational methods, symplectic geometry, Riemannian and Finsler geometry, etc.

He is a 45-minute invited speaker at the 2002 International Congress of Mathematicians. He has received many awards and honors, such as Dissertation Award by Sigma-Xi Research Association, Wisconsin Chapter (1987), the Outstanding Young Scholar Award of Hong Kong Qiu Shi Science and Technologies Foundation (1996), Shiing-Shen Chern Mathematics Award (1997-98), and Grand prize of Baosteel Education Fundation Outstanding Teacher Award (1998), the First Prize of National Award for Science and Technology Progress by Ministry of Education (2003), the Second Prize of National Award in Natural Sciences by the State Council of China (2004), TWAS Prize in Mathematics by TWAS (2004), Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress by Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation (2012), as well as the Fellow of the American Mathematical Society (2013), Loo-Keng Hua Mathematics Award (2017). As well as honorary titles including Tianjin Model Worker, National Education System Model Worker, National Model Teacher, National Outstanding Science and Technology Worker, and was awarded the National May 1st Labor Medal.

Many of his graduate students have received honors and awards, such as the Distinguished Young Scholars of the National Natural Science Foundation, Excellent Young Scholars of the National Natural Science Foundation, National 100 Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award, and Zhong Jiaqing Mathematics Award.


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