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Mo-Lin Ge
2022-09-26 11:08



Mo-Lin Ge


Theoretical Physics


Professor of Chern Institute of Mathematics;

Vice Director of Science & Technology Commission of Ministry of Education (1999-);

Member of general committee of Asia-Pacific Center of Theoretical Physics (Korea)   (1994-2009);

Member of Wigner Medal Committee (2010-2016, US);

Member of Standing Committee of International Group Colloquium Conference   (1994-2016);

Head of Physical Section of National Science Award of China (1998-);

Vice Chairman of Academic Committee of Institute of Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences;

Vice Chairman of Academic Committee of Institute of Theoretical Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Curriculum Vitae

1950-1956: high school student, No.13 High School in Beijing

1956-1965: undergraduate and postgraduate student, Lanzhou University

1965-1986: assistant professor, assoiate professor, professor, advisor for PhD candidates, Lanzhou University

1986-present: professor, advisor for PhD candidates, Nankai Institute of Mathematics

2003–present: member of Chinese Academy of Sciences 

Research Interest

Theoretical Physics


1. More than 160 papers were published in PRL. PR. Ann. Phys. J. PhysA…

2. 9 books

3. Talks on 21 international conferences (meetings)


First Prize of National Award for Science and Technology Progress by Ministry of Education (1991, 1997)

Second Prize of National Award for Science and Technology Progress by Ministry of Education(1989)

Second Prize of National Teaching Achievement Award (1997)

Third Prize of National Award for Natural Sciences (1982)

Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress by Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation   (1997)

Golden Ball Award by Burlingame Education Foundation (1996)


Office: Room 801-802, Shiing-Shen Building

Tel: 022-23503460 Email: geml@nankai.edu.cn



Chern Institute of Mathematics, Nankai University, Tianjin 300071 China
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