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President Yulu Chen visits academicians and experts
2022-09-23 10:06

(Photos: NKU News)

Before the Teachers' Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival, President Yulu Chen visited academicians and experts of Nankai University including Qilin Zhou, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor at the College of Chemistry, Weiping Zhang, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor at Chern Institute of Mathematics, Hong Chen, Chair Professor and former executive vice president of Nankai University, and Jinju Pang, Chair Professor and former vice president of Nankai University. On behalf of the university and Qingshan Yang, secretary of the CPC Nankai University Committee, Yulu Chen extended his greetings to all the academicians, experts and teachers of Nankai University for the coming holidays.

Giving flowers to the academicians and experts, Yulu Chen expressed his thanks for the important contributions they had made to the development of NKU's scientific research and education, asked about their work and their suggestions on discipline construction, scientific research innovation and talent cultivation.

Yulu Chen said that the academicians and experts had each achieved fruitful results in their own fields and guided numerous young scholars to devote to academic research and education. He wished them good health and expressed his hope that they'll continue to be the role models for young teachers and students, and cultivate more talents for building our country into a scientific and technological powerhouse as well as a leading nation of education. NKU will go all out to support their work and create good environment for their academic research.

The academicians and experts expressed their welcome and thankfulness to the president's visit and the school's greeting, and exchanged ideas with Yulu Chen on NKU's development. They promised to follow the footsteps of the old generations, dedicate to their work on education and scientific research innovation, and contribute more to building NKU into a world-class university and the development of scientific research and education of our country.

Kexin Yang, executive deputy secretary of the CPC Nankai University Committee, Jun Chen, vice president of Nankai University, and heads of the Science & Technology Department and the College of Chemistry accompanied the visits respectively.

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