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Dr. Changguang Dong publishes a paper in top math journal INVENTIONES MATHEMATICAE
2022-09-30 14:59

Recently, a paper entitled "Flexibility of statistical properties for smooth systems satisfying the central limit theorem" was officially published in the top math journal INVENTIONES MATHEMATICAE. This paper was jointly completed by Changguang Dong, a young scholar who newly joined Chern Institute of Mathematics, Dmitry Dolgopyat and Adam Kanigowski from University of Maryland, and Péter Nándori from Yeshiva University, where they studied in detail the ergodic and statistical properties of a class of dynamical systems. An important result in this paper provides a complete answer to one of Thouvenot's questions that is open during the past 40 years. All these results could significantly help mathematicians learn and further investigate the chaotic properties of dynamical systems.

Dr. Changguang Dong graduated with a bachelor's degree from Nankai University in 2012, and received his doctorate at the Pennsylvania State University in 2018. He previously worked as a postdoctoral fellow at University of Maryland College Park and joined Chern Institute of Mathematics in 2022.

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