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Peking University Press donates 249 books to the Library of Chern Institute of Mathematics
2023-06-05 17:02

The Peking University Press recently donated 249 books to the Library of Chern Institute of Mathematics, including Chinese and foreign language books on mathematics and physics such as the 21st Century Mathematics Planning Textbooks:  Basic Course Series, the General Higher Education Eleventh Five-Year National Planning Textbooks: Peking University Mathematics Textbooks Series, the 21st Century College Mathematics Planning Textbooks, the Humanistic Mathematics, and the Foresight Series, the Frontier Series, the Introduction Series and the Classic Series of the Fine Books Collection on Chinese and Foreign Physics.  

An open-shelf reading section has been set in the Library of Chern Institute of Mathematics which will be available till June 30, 2023, then these books will be officially shelved for teachers and students to borrow.

List of Donated Books

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